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How can I succeed as a Disney College Program intern?

There isn't a particular set of skills Disney asks you to bring to the College Program. We are trained on set on how to be the ultimate cast member on the job. To be approved for the program the applicant does need to be in good academic standing. I know as a previous cast member patience is virt...
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How can I turn my Disney College Program internship into a full-time offer at the company?

It's cliche but, NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK!!!!!! It's not about what you know; it's not about who you know; it's about WHO. KNOWS. YOU! Think about who you are top-of-mind for, and what they keep you top-of-mind for.
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Is Walt Disney a good place to work for?

I adore Disney, it's always been a part of my life. Whether it's vacationing at the parks or watching the movies at the theater or at home. I started working for the Walt Disney Company when I got hired at Radio Disney here in Portland. If it wasn't for my coworkers at Radio Disney, I wouldn't ha...
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What's it like to spend a day as an intern in the college program at Walt Disney Company? What do you do?

The Walt Disney Company markets the Disney College Program as an internship. I do not know if I would call it that (at least not in the traditional sense). You can be placed absolutely anywhere, but the magic kingdom, specifically typically has the longest operating hours, and college program par...
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Will interning at Disney help kickstart my career in a successful way?

It's a nice start if you are young. You are most likely going to be doing typically minimum wage work that they'd rather have upbeat college kids looking for an opportunity. However, you can gain much more from other internships in your later years of college.
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Should I expect significant support from upper management while working at Disney?

Alot if needed. When handling basics like scheduling events, checking in, or selling tickets there won't be much support from management as these are the basics of the jobs. However if a guest requires something and you feel the need to get a manager or a guest requests a manager you will find th...
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What do you think of the company culture at Walt Disney Company?

Everyone is just genuinely friendly. Like everyone smiles at each other when they see that name tag even if you've never worked with them before. The leaders and coordinators always say they want it to feel like a family. My coordinators and leaders have always been there when I needed help or ha...
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Can I expect lots work responsibility and ownership in the college program at Disney?

While doing my DCP I took a full course load, worked 50 hours a week and still had time for the park. Be open to opportunities and be prepared to work over 40 hours a week. Get involved and network. Some of my best friends are still working for Disney to this day.
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Any tips for my interview to take on a merchandising role at Walt Disney Company?

I interviewed with the Walt Disney College Internship program so I am not sure if the process differs from full time interviews. I first had to do a online survey/ quiz, judging if I had the aptitude to work at Disney. Answer honestly but always be positive. I had a phone interview after that. Mo...
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What's Disney's training like for their college program participants?

I was hired at Walt Disney World in Florida, so please take into consideration that if you choose to participate at Disneyland in Anaheim, the rules and/or your experiences may differ. I believe basic training should be mostly the same, however. In the College Program, on-the-job training is prov...
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Does Walt Disney Company uphold their company values?

I found as an employee of Disney they upheld their company values well. Whenever you have a huge group of employees, of course there are going to be those who are unhappy. Pay can always be improved and people always want more from the executives. However, on the day to day runnings of the compan...
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As a merchandising associate or castmember, will I receive support from upper management at Walt Disney Company?

You receive a lot of support from upper management at The Walt Disney Company. It is exciting to work there because many of the managers are excited to help you grow as an employee and an individual. They help give you the tools to succeed in the workplace and in your everyday life.
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What do I need to know going into my interview for the Disney College Program?

The application process is two-fold. You complete a computer survey and then a phone interview if you qualify. My best recommendation is that you need to be honest about the positions you would be willing to take (ex. I was asked if I would do custodial and I said no). Also you need to be able t...
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What's it like to work as a merchandiser at Disney?

Days as a merchantainer at Disney like they call it can last anywhere from 6-15 hours. The word merchantainment is a Disney word that they use to describe our line of work. Not only do we work in merchandise, but we strive to entertain guests. We are encouraged to play with the plushes and some o...
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Do participants in the Disney College Program contribute to Walt Disney Company's mission?

Walt Disney Company’s mission is simply to lead the world in entertainment and information. You will learn more about the world and about yourself in this internship that you ever have before. People come from all around the world just to be at the park. My advice is to learn from them and be wil...
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Why did you apply and eventually accept your job offer at Walt Disney Company?

I always knew I wanted to work at Disney. I figured that out on my first trip when I was five. On my high school graduation trip there, I spent four back and forth trips from the Wilderness Lodge to the Magic Kingdom talking to Josh (the boat driver who was on his College Program). That became my...
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How can I get a full-time offer if I'm interning as a merchandiser at Disney?

After the Disney College Program internship, several other professional internships open up that are more specialized in different fields within the Walt Disney Company. Your record remains constant throughout your entire career at Disney, so it is important to take the first internship seriously...
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Does Walt Disney Company offer mentorship programs?

I don't think there is a mentorship program the Walt Disney Company offers continuously. However, within the College Program there are various different resources that are offered for members. These resources include resume workshops, college courses at Disney University (these courses also provi...
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Are there skills that may help me as a vendor at one of the Disney parks?

The most important skill is to be passionate about the job, you do not have to think you just a person who is selling popcorn and ice-cream, the benefits you get out of this job is much more than that. You have to be kind of a hard worker, especially if you assigned to work at the Magic Kingdom, ...
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What should I know going into my interview at Walt Disney Company?

Know why you want to be a part of Disney. Have stories of your own experiences with castmembers, attributes that would make you a good castmember and memories to share with the interviewer. The interview is short so be prepared to give quality but succinct answers. There are tons of tips on the i...
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