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COVID-19 Update: While Success Academy schools have successfully transitioned to at-home learning for the time being, we are still actively filling 1,000 full-time positions for next school year. We encourage you to have a look at our current job openings and consider applying! #HiringNow Success Academy is a fast-paced, leading-edge organization where remarkable people are working boldly and urgently to overturn the vast educational inequities that block opportunity for too many children. A network of 45 public charters schools serving 18,000 K-12 students in some of New York City’s most underserved neighborhoods, we are nationally recognized for our groundbreaking, whole-child school model and outstanding academic results. As innovators and thought leaders, we share our curriculum and model with educators across the country and advocate to change public policies that prevent children and families from having access to great public schools. When you work at Success Academy, you bring your creativity, passion, and drive for excellence to help us build extraordinary public schools that deliver on each child’s potential — as scientists, chess players, historians, artists, writers, mathematicians, engineers. You will join a dynamic, entrepreneurial team that values warmth and humor, collaborates closely to share ideas and know-how, and continually evolves and innovates to create a learning experience that nurtures the immense capacity in each child and points a way forward for U.S. public education. A place to learn and grow Our commitment to kids is matched by our commitment to the adults who work here. Whether you are a veteran professional or just starting your career, you will have opportunities to hone your skills and deepen your expertise so you can grow professionally and thrive in your role. For our educators, we offer world-class training with an immersive summer experience and daily coaching and feedback, as well as the opportunity to pursue a free master’s degree in education after one year. Our teachers are empowered to swiftly sharpen their skills in planning, prioritization, strategic data analysis, and public speaking, building a strong professional foundation for virtually any career. Career advancement SA is a fast-growing, entrepreneurial organization that recognizes, celebrates, and rewards strong performance. Our network has grown to 45 schools since its founding in 2006 and with an ambitious plan to almost double in size over the next decade, staff members who excel in their roles can enjoy significant career growth. In our schools, educators have accelerated opportunities to progress into instructional and school leadership, as well as pathways into content and curriculum development, training, and more. Work where you will make an impact Few careers match working at Success Academy when it comes to feeling that your work matters: The work is hard but the pay-off is profound. Whether your role is at the network or our schools, you have the daily satisfaction of knowing your expertise, commitment, and effort are contributing to the tremendous growth and learning of the children we serve, who are leading the nation in academic achievement and proving that we can tackle the crisis in public education!


Summer teaching intern

June 2018 - July 2018 New York City, NY
“I liked being with a larger organization with a ton of moving parts. ”

Summer Teaching Intern

June 2018 - July 2018 New York City, NY
“Everything was very engaging and I learned a lot.”
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How difficult was it being an elementary teacher at Success Academy Charter Schools? Would a former teacher be able to walk me through a typical day please!

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